Catch a few winks – even midday!

We all need a bit of downtime but often forget to make it a priority. One delightful self-care approach is taking a nap.

When you feel like a sleepyhead in the middle of your day, do you reach for another energy drink and push on or do you take a quick power nap? I vote for the nap! Treat yourself to a short respite on the couch or in the hammock.

Turn down the lights, close the curtains. Nothing perks you up like the power nap, the disco nap, or the cuddled-up-with-dog nap.

Don’t think you’re a napper?

Maybe it’s been a long time since your last nap. Time to try again. Resting quietly for even 10 minutes can reset and recharge you. Simply lying down for a short break helps.

Another space to catch a few Zzz’s? Head to your car at lunchbreak. Pop your feet up on the dashboard or stretch them out in front of you. Want extra cozy? Keep a pillow and an eye cover (a scarf works great!) in the car to block the light. Park in a covered space during the hot months and in the sunshine during the cool months to let Mother Nature make you more comfortable.

Nap-Time Benefits

  • more alert so less caffeine or other stimulants needed
  • napping for 10 minutes reduces sleepiness and improves coginitive performance, according to a study in the Sleep research journal
  • improves memory and recall
  • the benefits tend to extend for a few hours


Yoga, meditation, prayer, or just chilling alone… perfect for relaxing the mind to ease you into sleep. 

Creating a soothing space is helpful. Simplicity is key. Clear the room of excess and accentuate the ambiance with soft light, a book sure to ease your mind, and spaciousness for your mind to unwind.

End of the day download

Ready to release the weight of your day so you can rest better? Grab a notebook and pen.

journal on bed with glasses


Give your mind a break:

Write down any concerns or lists you need to get out of your head. Setting down your thoughts on the page will give your mind a break, and whatever you write about will be waiting for you in the morning.

End on a happy note for positive energy tomorrow

What are you grateful for this day? Write down 3-5 things.

Have a question you’re wrestling with?

Write the question down then let your mind rest. A curious part of the mind and psyche is that when you pose a question before sleeping, often the solution will come to you in a dream or as you wake in the morning.

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