The relationship we have with our health and wellness specialists is based on trusting them to give us the right treatments and advice so we can have optimal health of mind, body, and spirit.

In the world of alternative health and wellness where insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s even more of a choice and often based on more subjective criteria. Many of us go this route because it feels more relational, humane, and in alignment with something we need but can’t find right now in Western medicine. Other times it is because it is the most effective treatment alone or in combination.

This world is pretty busy and distracted and the world of email is no different. So, how do you set yourself apart and make a positive impact on your reader?

Rule #1 – Give Something Valuable

In the blogging and content marketing world, the idea of giving away something of benefit is vital. Whether you wish to gain a new subscriber for your email list, deepen the relationship, or laser target what your readers are interested in, you can do all of these things with Lead Magnets, Content Upgrades, and Giveaways.

What are these and what is the difference between them?

They are all free to the reader. But each one serves a slightly different purpose and comes into play at a different point. You can lump them all together and probably nobody would smack you but let’s start you out with a basic understanding of each one.

What kinds of things can you give away to your audience? It’s only limited by your imagination.

  • multi-day challenge,
  • quiz
  • worksheet, log, or tracker
  • recipe or recipe book
  • manifesto
  • white paper
  • case study
  • a digital magazine like Be Well Magazine
  • ebook
  • audio or video files
  • infographic
  • lists of resources

So, let’s break down how each one generally works.

Lead Magnet

This is something you offer to get a subscriber on your email list. You offer something your target audience values enough to trade their email for. It can be big or small in length – but it must be valuable to them.

Generally, it takes some trial and error to land on an informational product that people are attracted to.

HOW: On your blog or website, you create a sign-up form. Within your email provider, you’ll set up for the product to be delivered via email once they complete the form. If you don’t have a clue how to do this, your email service and your website hosting service will likely have tutorials.

***Each system is different so I don’t want to get bogged down in the specifics of that. Search their tutorials first for terms like how to offer incentives, content upgrades, lead magnets, or something similar. If that isn’t enough information for you, test what they tell you then refer to YouTube for deeper tutorials.

Content Upgrades

At the end of a blog post, you offer an extra helping of something related to your topic.

So, if you wrote an article about the healing benefits of turmeric, you could give away some recipes as your content upgrade. If you wrote about meditation, you could offer a guided meditation instruction through video or audio. See where I’m going with this?

HOW: It’s a similar process to set this up in your email system with a sign-up form (which you can then tag, segment, or categorize it within your email provider to create a sub-list. Each email provider has a different name fot it and a different approach to it.)

There are many reasons to offer content upgrades.

  • Drill down on what is interesting to your audience.
  • Give value to them – whether it is fun and lighthearted, inspirational, motivational, or educational. All of this is a benefit to them.
  • Engage the audience. Get them interested. They may also share your content with others which is a benefit to you.

Giveaways/ Freebies

These are instant downloads you embed in your site or in an email. If you ever watched that Pauly Shore movie, “In The Army Now” you might remember their tagline – “We’re crazy boys, we’re givin’ it away!” That’s exactly what this is.

These require no email in exchange for the download. You put a link to the downloadable file right into your email or on your website. It could even be in your social media just to garner goodwill with that group of people. We’re givin’ it away!

If you need help with creating content for your audience, we offer a variety of services including freelance content creation, ghostwriting, book doctoring and editing, and self-publishing coaching.

We want to see you succeed so drop us an email at and let us know what kinds of things you want to see.

Until next time,

Andrea Mai

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