7 Reasons Your Company Benefits

Open enrollment for any company is a big project. I’ve worked on delivering benefits in all sizes and types of companies. And I’ve given hundreds of in-person open enrollment meetings over the years. But my favorite and preferred way is to deliver them via a video or digital presentation. It’s just so much better (most of the time).

Your Benefits team and Human Resources department have a lot of details to handle. There are usually weeks or months of work to prepare before actually kicking off open enrollment season. When the season finally arrives, there’s a flurry of activity and details for the benefits department to handle and track.

One very valuable option is to deliver your open enrollment presentations in a recorded format. It’s efficient and effective for your employees and your HR/Benefits team.

 Why is a recorded Open Enrollment Presentation so beneficial? There are plenty of reasons, so let me share my top 7 reasons for it.

 1.   Everyone gets the same information. This includes all your employees as well as spouses or other decision-makers in the family.  Think about how easy it makes for both spouses to discuss once they’ve seen the same presentation. And, the ability to watch and rewatch sections for clarification is so helpful!

 2.   Employees can learn about their benefits at home on their timetable or at work. In addition, it gives your employees the ability to refer back to the video for answers to common questions, which frees up the benefits team.

 3.   The HR and Benefits team has more time and energy to answer questions and handle issues related to the benefits system. For example, they can focus on enrollment details like EOI (Evidence of Insurability) and paper form completions.  

4.   Send reminders. It’s easy to set up reminders for employees to watch the video and complete their open enrollment.  

5.   No crowded conference rooms and breakrooms! (And back to No. 1 – they all get the same information!)

6.   These digital presentations are usually very well-received by employees.

7.   It’s a simple way to streamline your open enrollment process (which is often a chaotic season for the benefits team.)

 So, if you want to deliver your company’s message in a clear, concise, and consistent way, consider trying out this format. It’s as simple as

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation and narration.
  2. And then bring the right voice to it with one of your employees or hire a voiceover professional.

 And if you’d like to work with a voiceover professional who has done hundreds of recordings for HR/Benefits/Training/Insurance, email me at misty@bewellcontent.com.

Hop over to my page HERE to see some voiceover samples.


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