Health & Wellness Content and Copy
For Your Business
Health & Wellness Content & COpy
For Your Business

Types of Content

Books, blogs, bios, and more. Website copy, white papers, case studies, and other marketing materials. If you need health and wellness copy to grow your business, let's talk. Check out the Services/Products page for more info.

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Mindfully Created Content

If you wish to give your audience meaningful content, let's talk. Business is no longer about making noise. It's about making connection.

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Articles and Tutorials

Learn how to use health & wellness copy and content to grow your business.

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Whatever your business is, if your message includes health and wellness, I’ll help you succeed. We all need more health, vibrancy, and balance. Let’s create that impact together.

My name is Andrea Mai, and I’m a health and wellness copywriter and content writer ready to help you.

Do you want to make a connection with your audience – and not just noise?

If you need health and wellness copy or content written in a way your audience wants to read, let’s talk. Go to my About and Contact page HERE.

When you partner with me for your content, you know you are getting mindfully crafted, valuable content to share with your audience so you can focus on what you do best. And they will appreciate you for it!

Want to develop your health and wellness email and social media marketing plan? Don’t have one of those? Well, now is the time to start and I can help. We’ll come up with a strategy together if you need guidance. Check out the articles and resources to guide you in that process.

Need content or copy around these subjects? Let’s talk.

  • Nutrition & recipes,
  • herbs,
  • exercise, yoga, and body movement,
  • acupuncture,
  • massage,
  • essential oils,
  • energy and sound healing,
  • meditation…
  • there are so many practices that support strong health in mind, body, and spirit, and you’ll find information, interesting, and fun content for these!

Want to see my portfolio of the beautiful and well-crafted content I’m developing for you?Flip through the magazine and enjoy! Then reach out to me at