Hey there! My name is Andrea Mai. I’m the owner and content creator for Be Well Content and Be Well Books.

I’m here to help you CRAFT & SHARE YOUR MESSAGE as well as educate and inspire your audience.

Powerful shifts are happening in our world. Business is changing. Everything’s changing. Whatever content you use to establish your expertise, authority, and value to others must cut through the noise out there.

Creating lasting relationships with your clients and audience means giving them the information and inspiration they need in a meaningful way.

That’s the long-term value of content marketing. What you build today can impact people for years to come if done right – which means your company benefits.

My ideal client is someone who is ready to have a positive impact on our world. That’s personal for each of us, and I look forward to hearing what that means to you.

My primary focus is writing for Health & Wellness, Personal Growth & Development, and Socially Conscious businesses in any industry. If you want to bring heart to your industry, let’s talk.

Custom Copy & Content:

  • Website copy
  • Bios and Social Media Profiles
  • Blog posts and Articles
  • Case studies, white papers, and articles
  • Books, Lead Magnets, Worksheets, Product Descriptions
  • Publications – digital and print
  • LinkedIn Optimization including profiles, company pages, bios, and more.
  • Editing of your existing material includes website, articles, bios, and more.

Ready to write a book?

I offer a variety of options as a Writing and Self-Publishing Coach, Book Doctor, Ghostwriter, and Developmental Editor.

Convert your course or blog into a book

Do you have a course, either free or paid, that you share with your audience that would be excellent in a workbook or how-to guide/tutorial?

What about a motivational course? Ever thought of turning that into a companion book or workbook? Let’s talk. This is an area I have a lot of experience with.

Whatever it takes to get your big project out into the world, I have the skills and resources to guide you through the process of crafting a book and independently publishing it.

Self-publishing coach

These start with a 20-minute complimentary call to discuss your project and if I am the right one to help you. Areas I can help with include the writing and self-publishing process, distribution models, where to find editors, cover designers, building a platform, setting in place your plan for success, and more.

Writing coach

Email me to set up a 20-minute complimentary call to discuss what areas you need help with. Areas I can help with include accountability, creativity, focus, completion, getting started, motivation, honing your message, resources to take your writing to the next level.

Want to work with me? Have questions?

Contact me at admin@bewellcontent.com

About Me

I am fascinated by people and the choices we make to support a life that is meaningful. I’m the girl with a whole lotta questions. Call it research, call it being curious, maybe even nosy. Let’s get to the heart of what makes us tick. That curiosity extends to systems and processes. How do people or companies streamline, improve, make change? What are the benefits and consequences of it?

I am excited about my newest project which is an extension of a book I published recently. My blog and podcast are at www.Lifelihood.cc. There I interview people in all sorts of businesses and industries. I write books and guidebooks/workbooks to support people as they craft their best life by taking a close look at their relationship to work, time, money, and intention.

Some of my books can be found on the Be Well Books page. I’ve written a bunch of books both fiction and non-fiction with many more coming out. Mindfulness and meditation have been the main subject of my non-fiction books. You can check out another of my blogs at www.mindfuljournal.net.

I delve deep into holistic health practices for my own well-being and am fascinated by the many avenues we can use to cultivate health for the whole self.

In looking at what I’m passionate about – the healing of our bodies, minds, and spirits as well as our world – I decided to expand beyond what I was doing through my personal books and blog at www.mindfuljournal.net. I want to share this message widely while helping you achieve your goals. How can I help you?

Want to work with me? Have questions?

Contact me at admin@bewellcontent.com

I look forward to discussing your writing needs.

With gratitude,

Andrea Mai