5 Paths to Wellness for Every Part of Life

When you hear the word “wellness”, what do you think of? Probably a healthy and well mind, body, and spirit. But what about the circumstances and situations of your life? How do you bring wellness into play in your decisions around lifestyle, finances, home, travel, work, and play? How do we develop an attitude of […]

Top 2 Benefits of Email Marketing for a Health and Wellness Business

Whether your health and wellness business/practice is location specific or location independent, email marketing will sets you up for the long-term. The long-term benefits to your business? Sending out a regular email keeps your name in front of your audience. Even if they don’t open it, they see an email with your name on it […]

How to Use Lead Magnets, Content Upgrades, and Giveaways in Alternative Health Business

The relationship we have with our health and wellness specialists is based on trusting them to give us the right treatments and advice so we can have optimal health of mind, body, and spirit. In the world of alternative health and wellness where insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s even more of a choice and often […]

Email Marketing for a Health and Wellness Business

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve talked to many practitioners in different modalities over the years and I see how they struggle with the ups and downs of whether or not their appointment book will be full. Or how to keep things on track when they take time off. It’s tricky for sure. That’s why […]

How your goals affect your email and content marketing

There are so many ways to reach your client base in meaningful and authentic ways that don’t leave you feeling out of alignment with yourself. Real and relevant connection is made when we put clients first and treat them like human beings instead of a number to analyze. In a big, noisy, overcrowded world, how […]